Sayonara, Single-Use Plastic

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The 101 on Single-Use Plastics 

On April 30, 2020, The Single-Use and Other Plastic Products (Waste Avoidance) Bill was passed in South Australia. It was an historic move by South Australia who became the first state in Australia to implement a ban that would prohibit the sale, supply and distribution of single-use plastic products, like the plastic straw. The Bill came at a time when most of us were in a form of lockdown in Australia due to COVID-19. It brought positivity and hope to an otherwise pretty dire period. Governments were finally taking active steps forward to helping the planet… And we were on board. 

On March 1 this year the ban came into effect (go SA!) meaning South Australian businesses can now be fined thousands of dollars if they are found to be using, selling or distributing single-use items including plastic straws, containers and cutlery. But for many businesses and individuals this new law posed an important question. What on earth do we use instead? Banning single-use plastics is great but alternatives need to exist, so our hospo industry can continue to function and so the community is enabled to do the right thing. We needed an alternative to drinking straws made with plastic. 


Alternatives for Single-Use Plastics 

Since the inception of Beysis, we’ve been committed to reducing our carbon footprint and living a life that is as plastic-free as possible. The single-use plastic ban in South Australia is a milestone we’ve welcomed with open arms. And as a small business, we have the corporate social responsibility to educate our customers about the harm single-use plastics bring to the earth. 

We identified the problem - alternatives for things like a plastic straw either didn’t exist, were in short supply or were excessively expensive. And when there are no options, the only option is to use single-use products. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the demand for cost-affordable alternatives to plastic (like a reusable straw) grow as our community became more conscious of the millions of disposable knives and forks, containers and plastic straws that were contributing to landfill every day. The product development of our cotton shoppers, reusable water bottles and now, our glass eco straws, have been an important part of our step towards becoming a more sustainable business and we’re so excited to share them with you. 


Introducing Glass Straws 
glass straws

The ban on single-use plastics in South Australia couldn’t have come at a better time for the launch of our glass straws. They’ve just landed online and an ideal alternative to plastic straws. You’ve probably used stainless steel straws, bamboo straws and paper straws, but we’ve taken things one step further and developed a product that takes the cake (just ask us). The Beysis glass straw is made of high strength borosilicate glass, a material so sturdy and reliable its used for test tubes in science labs. It’s tasteless, looks stylish and a fun way to sip whatever drink you’re loving at the moment. So, say goodbye to metallic tasting stainless steel straws and soggy paper ones, glass straws are where it’s at! 


The Cotton Shopper, Your New Everyday Accessory 
cotton shopper


Our cotton shoppers were designed to be an everyday accessory, and your alternative to plastic shopping bags. They’re super sturdy so you can carry heavy fruit and veg or pack it full for a day trip to the beach. The cotton shoppers also help have a positive impact on the planet in more ways than one. The profits from the sale of our Beysis Shoppers are donated to Project Change International which seeks to empower disadvantaged girls through education. Planet, tick. Empowerment, tick. Change, tick. 



Reusable Water Bottles Are the New Black 
personalised water bottle

Remember when we’d buy a plastic water bottle, only to drink it and toss it an hour later? Same. And we’re a little bit embarrassed about it. Since we founded Beysis, we made it our mission to throw this habit to the curb and embrace the concept of reusable water bottles. Our stainless-steel water bottles are uber chic, so you can look good while doing good for the environment. They are made with quality materials which omit that yuck tin-like taste and withstand both cold and hot temperatures. Whip up an iced coffee in the morning or use it to house your hot tea… it’s the perfect vessel for enjoying a delish beverage. They’re also a handy sidekick to glass drinking straws. 


What’s Next? 

With South Australia paving the way, other states are slowly following suit. But given it took 11 years for the whole country to ban single-use plastic bags (and South Australia were again the first), patience is a virtue. We’re riding the wave at Beysis though so until Australia is completely plastic-free, we have a series of reusable products we know you’re going to love and slot seamlessly into your plastic-free life. 


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