Reusable Glass Straws

Set of 4

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or 4 interest free payments of $5.25 USD fortnightly with More info
Glass Straws (set of 4)

High Quality Borosilicate glass

Glass Straws (set of 4)

Dishwasher Safe

Glass Straws (set of 4)

Suitable for both cold and warm drinks

Glass Straws (set of 4)

Save thousands of disposable straws from ending up in landfill



What could be better than sipping a cocktail on a Summer’s afternoon?  Simple. Sipping it through a Beysis reusable straw. Made from quality borosilicate glass, our soft-edged coloured straws beat drinking out of a bamboo, silicone or metal straw equivalent. Plus, they look damn good in your drink of choice. Our set includes 4 glass straws and a cleaning brush presented in a quality Beysis gift box.
Borosilicate glass is BPA free, non-toxic and seriously high-strength, making it the best alternative to single-use plastic drinking straws. Invest in a set of Beysis reusable straws and you can save thousands of disposable drinking straws from ending up in landfill.  Not to mention, you’ll make every drink you serve up look bloody delicious. At Beysis, we believe that living sustainably is sexy.


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4 straws, each 8mm wide x 20mm long.

Made of borosilicate glass. Suitable for both cold and warm drinks.  Before each use, always clean straw with cleaning brush provided using warm soapy water and let air dry.  Dishwasher safe.

Glass Straws (set of 4)

In September 2020 South Australia became Australia’s first state to pass legislation that bans the selling, supplying and distributing of single-use plastics. That ban is now in effect and at Beysis, it has felt like a long time coming. Our business has been on a continuing journey to reduce the consumption of single-use items so we’re welcoming the ban with wide open arms. From plastic bags to packaging and everything in between, single-use plastics need to go! Drinking straws are one of biggest contributors to our plastic usage, with over 10 million straws going to landfill every single day in Australia. It’s safe to say our straw consumption is one of the bigger problems. This mindboggling statistic equates to 3.5 billion straws a year, representing 7.5% of all reported plastic. Some of these straws can also end up in the ocean where they put flora and fauna at risk. South Australia’s move to ban single-use plastics is a significant one for our precious earth, and one we hope to see other states follow soon.


With the ban of plastic straws comes the need for an alternative, and Beysis has the solution. We love the idea of sipping on beverages, but don’t love being a part of the plastic problem. Enter the glass straw, a must-have accessory for so many reasons. Just like our reusable water bottle and cotton shopper, our glass drinking straws are made with high quality materials that don’t harm the environment. They’re carefully made with integrity and for the sole purpose of reducing our environmental impact through single-use products. Our reusable glass straws are designed to last - eliminating the need for replacing them and meaning you can use yours with confidence. The Beysis glass straw is made of high strength borosilicate glass, which is a durable and reliable material. So reliable in fact, it’s the glass used for test tubes in science labs. Borosilicate glass is the real deal. Its sturdiness ensures it’s always easy to throw your glass straw in the dishwasher once you’re finished sipping on whichever delicious beverage you’re drinking. Adding to its long list of benefits, borosilicate glass is also thermal resistant and shatter resistant. We could go on forever about the pros of using a glass straw, but we’ll leave it at this – there really is no excuse for not making the switch from plastic.


While we love the Beysis glass straw, eco straws come in a variety of different materials. Each have their own unique benefits but share one thing in common - They don’t go soggy like paper straws. Your new glass straw from Beysis promises to be totally flavourless (unlike metal straws or stainless-steel straws which can often leave a tin-like taste in your mouth), so you can sip on that smoothie or cocktail and taste nothing but the good stuff.


There are functional reasons for using a glass straw but there are also fashionable reasons too. Sipping from a glass straw not only helps reduce plastic usage but it looks great too. Pop a glass straw into a fruity cocktail or slide it into your iced coffee to instantly bring visual appeal to your drink. Glass straws are easy to wash and clean, thanks to their dishwasher friendliness and a cleaning brush that comes with your purchase. Simply use a little bit of soapy water and let your straw air dry before and after you use it each time. Not only is our glass reusable straw easy to maintain, it can also be slotted effortlessly into your handbag every morning so you’re always equipped. No matter what your plans are for the day, your glass straw promises to be a handy new (and environmentally friendly) sidekick.