How To Nail Your New Year’s Resolutions For The Long Term

How To Nail Your New Year’s Resolutions For The Long Term

If you’re already feeling guilty seeing this title, you better cut yourself some slack! Dust yourself off - the year has only just begun!

We’ve been thinking a lot about our goals for the New Year and how they don’t have to be scary and ridiculous, it doesn’t matter if you set your intentions for them on January 1st or in February or even later. We’ve compiled a short guide to bring resolutions back to basics and make them more achievable and realistic. This is your year!

Pick the right resolution
You’re more likely to stick to your goal if it is truly for you. Not that guy you have a crush on, not your parents, not your friends and definitely not just for social media likes. Your goals should actually relate to your personal values. It’s relevant if it truly matters to you and you’re doing it for the right reasons. Delve deep! Think about what you kept thinking that you shoulda, coulda, woulda improved on last year. These are most likely the things you’d love to cultivate, do better at or what would make you feel genuinely proud of yourself. Writing a bit of a personal year in review might help you get there if you’re struggling to think.

Starting small is more realistic
Focusing on your 1-3 most important goals is more realistic than masterminding an entire suite of shiny seeming ones. Be specific about what you want to achieve and start easy. If the habit already exists (even just the beginnings of one) it’ll be more realistic to build it up and make it stick bit by bit. Rather than going from zero to 100 straight away and feeling deflated when things don’t pan out.

Getting organized? Thinking about the cleaning and tidying you need to do all at once makes a mountain out of a molehill. Instead, play your fave 5 minute-ish song and focus on resetting one area each day to start with - be it your work desk, your bedside, the kitchen or just a general speed tidy. Our clear makeup bags are great for organizing anything! Not just beauty. They also make great pencil cases, and travel organizers for your everyday essentials. Because they’re transparent it makes it easier for you to see what’s inside at a glance.

Rehauling your skincare? If you want to be stricter with skincare habits you might start by drinking more water and ladder up to building better habits with your routines - like face washing after a night out or using certain products like masks. One of our luxe water bottles might help motivate and encourage you to bring your water everywhere and make staying hydrated a lot more satisfying and stylish. A transparent makeup bag might help keep your skincare more ordered on the go.

Maybe you want to exercise more? If you’re starting from ground zero, all you need is something achievable - like doing your chosen exercise for 10 minutes a day 1-3 times a week. You can aim to stick with it for 3 months then reassess. When you do decide to ramp things up you’re a lot more prepared. You might decide to add onto your routine, commit to classes or a gym membership. The right playlist can help you push on even on the worst day. Our AirPod cases are durable and beautiful and are perfect to have by your side to encourage you.

Think about what gets you going!
What actually motivates you? Be honest with yourself. Feeling yourself will definitely help encourage you to stay the course. Invest in your goals with something like nice activewear that makes you feel good, this might help you actually enjoy exercising more. We have 500mL and 1 Liter water bottles to help with your hydration goals whether they help at work or give you that push during your workouts. If you’re trying to save money, reusables like a coffee cup that encourages you to BYO your coffee or tea at home more often might help you put away that extra bit that you need. That extra you save could instead go towards a vacation, something to treat yourself or some elevated homewares.

Give yourself a high five every now and then
Some things like drinking 8 glasses of water or exercise goals might be easier to measure. For other goals, taking photos might help you and make even small changes feel more concrete and encouraging. If you aim to stop biting your nails, take photos over time and log progress in your phone notes, an app or a journal to show your progress that might be less obvious at a glance. When you’ve stuck to your new habits make sure to reward yourself and celebrate your progress. Treat yourself to a new nail polish or two!

You got this, don’t give up!

The all or nothing mindset is probably what makes most people tap out of their resolutions before the year’s even really started. Whether you miss a day (or a week), it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is consistency. A few hiccups here and there are natural, just make sure you keep getting back on that horse!


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