Personalized Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gifts can be as personalized as you’d like to make them. Many people base their gifts on the interests of the new homeowners meaning you can give anything from a cheese board to a piece of gorgeous artwork. We are, however, big believers in challenging the status quo. This means sometimes diverging from what’s typically given as a safe housewarming present, so put down the cheese board and consider things like candle holderschain sculptures or a beautiful vase. Housewarming gifts should be personalized and unique to the new homeowner or occupier and that's where our products shine.

When it comes to the best housewarming gifts, it can be difficult to decide what to get. Aim for something that’s versatile and not necessarily suited to particular home décor themes. Purchasing artwork for a housewarming gift can be risky as tastes vary from person to person. The new homeowner might not necessarily agree with what you think looks good in a home.


Most people believe it’s best to go either personal or practical when buying a housewarming present. Fortunately, our range of personalized housewarming gifts makes it possible to do both. Whether it’s a house, townhouse or apartment you’re buying for, Beysis has your back with the perfect present.


Beysis scented candles are hand poured in Australia using natural soy wax and only the finest quality fragrances. There are a variety of fragrances meaning you can choose a scent that send incredible aromas through any new home. Feelings of joy and relaxation can be nurtured through our burnt vanilla candle which is then infused with spice. Custom candles can be personalized with the initials of the new homeowner or get creative and personalize the candle with their new street number! There are so many options when personalizing our products, you’ll find it tricky to know where to begin.


With owning a home comes many more responsibilities. From cooking and ‘meal-prepping’ (goodbye UberEats) to fixing broken appliances, our range of personalized housewarming gifts can help in the transition from renting or living at home to owning a house. One of our favorite housewarming gift ideas is the Cotton Shopper which is a classic, eco-friendly option for shopping, the beach or a trip to the farmers' markets. It’s a gift that’s totally practical and your friend is bound to love. Combine it with one of our Personalized Water Bottles or Makeup Case for a present that says more than just ‘congratulations’. With every house purchase comes a housewarming party! Ensure you look the part with our Nail Polish or Compact Mirrors. Each can be easily personalized in three simple steps. Besides, why should the new homeowner receive all the gifts?


The very best housewarming gifts can be found online at Beysis. It may be practical that’s important to your friend or it may be personalization. Whichever it is, we’re here to help you find the perfect solution that will suit every home décor and all style preferences. They’ll slot into any kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom without emptying your wallet, while earning you some serious brownie points.