How To Plan The Perfect Summer Picnic

How To Plan The Perfect Summer Picnic

Summer’s in full swing. Spending it outdoors tops our bucket list. Whether it’s a day at the beach, swimming, hiking or just lazing in the sun, add good company and a picnic and you’ve got the perfect day! On a hot Summer’s day, nothing beats a picnic with your besties. There’s no wrong way to do a picnic, but hopefully, this guide helps you to raise your picnic game.

Location, Location, Location

The best part about a picnic is enjoying the outdoors and a little bit of sunshine. Pick a location with a view you can enjoy for a few hours or into the night. By the beach, at the pool, near a lake, at a nice park or even in your backyard! You want a good balance of views, nature and ambience, but you don’t want to be smack bang in the middle of a busy thoroughfare, or your picnic will get trampled.

The Best Part About A Picnic Is The Food

Portable food is your best bet, foods that transport easily and don’t require too much fuss. Cheese is non-negotiable, followed by crackers and a few packets of chips. Add on crudites (carrot and cucumber sticks are always a winner), dips and cold meats for an instant picnic without a lot of preparation. In terms of salads - hearty ones you can make ahead are best - potato, pasta, quinoa or rice salads that won’t wilt quickly. For leafier types, if you must, just bring your dressing in a jar and add it when you arrive.

For something a bit more spesh you could make some mini sandwiches, add a quiche, a container of a hearty salad, a homemade brownie, slice or cake to your spread. Fruit like watermelon and pineapple can keep your crew going for a while and transports easily. Cut it when you get there or pop it in a container and keep it cool on ice in your chilly bin. Share the load by doing it potluck style and get everyone to bring a little something different.

Nothing Beats A Cold Drink On A Hot Day

If you want more room for drinks, prioritize a few foods that need refrigeration like cheese, cold meats or a container of salad and fill the rest of your esky with ice and drinks. Insulated water bottles are a great idea for pre-mixed cocktails (reusable glass straws complete the picture), juice and iced tea that will stay cold for up to 24 hours.

A mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will keep you going. Add a bit of ice to the bottom of your cooler or a few ice packs. Our smaller 13L portable cooler holds a dozen cans of spritz or a bottle of your fave wine. For a bigger crew, our 20 liter capacity cooler holds 36 cans of your favorite IPA or beer or a dozen bottles of wine. For a celebration, a bottle of champagne definitely won’t go astray.


Set up

Several picnic rugs or throws are essential so everyone can gather around on it and lie around comfortably post-food coma.

You’ll need something to transport food, whether it’s a picnic basket, tote or backpack. We think a portable cooler is an absolute game changer when it comes to picnics, we have one that looks beautiful as well and can be personalized. Nothing ruins a picnic quicker than a warm salad and room temperature bubbly. Your food and beverages will stay cold till you’re ready. Turn your cooler into a dedicated drinks station by filling it with ice, or use it to pack all your favorite food - or a bit of both! We’d recommend our larger 20L one for families or larger friend groups who make picnics a habit.

Depending on where you’ll be you might want to bring foldable chairs, cushions, a sunshade or a beach umbrella. Napkins or paper towels and of course utensils will come in handy to serve your food and open bottles. Our cooler comes with an inbuilt bottle opener, so you won’t forget yours ever again!

Complete your vibe with a portable speaker, so you can take turns playing DJ. We've got the perfect playlist if you're stuck. Bring a ball or outdoor games for a bit of extra fun until it’s time to eat some more. Most importantly enjoy yourself!


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