How to Give Your Makeup Bag a Spring Clean: The Ultimate Guide

how to clean your makeup bag

Spring has finally sprung! There is no better time to give your makeup case a spruce up than before the long summer days begin. Decluttering your toiletry bag full of everyday products gives you the opportunity to try new products and remove the ones you don't use. Giving your makeup case a well deserved soapy clean, checking the quality of the old products and refilling your bag with some new seasonal essentials will get your skin into gear for a fabulous end of year glow.

Why Give Your Makeup Bag a Spring Clean?

The season notoriously known for reorganisation and refresh is a perfect time to recategorise your everyday use clear toiletry bag. For more organisation tips and tricks click here. Deciding what products are here to stay and what needs to go is a process we all dread yet feel rewarded and revitalised once it's complete. 

How to clean your makeup case

The Beysis makeup bag is made from PVC plastic material, making it super easy to clean. For quick clean, a simple wiping down is the way to go. If there are a few stubborn makeup marks, use what you usually would on your face - either makeup remover wipes or a micellar water applied to a cotton pad or cloth. For a deeper clean, use some soapy water and give it a little scrub to really remove the excess marks. To disinfect your bag, follow up with an alcohol-based liquid or disinfectant spray, and ensure the makeup case is completely dry before placing your makeup back inside.



New makeup bag essentials

Getting ready for summer? It is important to replace products with natural alternatives to these end of year must haves:

SPF: Protecting your skin from the sun is a must! You should be applying sunscreen everyday as a preventable measure against aging, sun damage and skin cancers. Everything you need to know about those three letters, SPF, is here.

Moisturiser: Moisturising creams are especially effective in summer months when skin has more exposure to the sun. It acts as a protective barrier for the skin from dryness, loss of moisture and fine lines. Find your moisturiser match here

Anti-ageing cream: Skin tends to lose its firmness and glow in the heat of the sun. However, in winter months, it tends to get dull, dry and flaky with a dull tinge of yellow colouration. Start your anti-aging journey here

Out with the old in with the new in your Makeup Bag

If you haven't refreshed your makeup bag for months, you will be pleasantly surprised by how many products you don't actually use. Checking the expiry date of your foundations, the texture of your eyeshadows and consistency of your liquid eyeliners are some go to steps in our cleaning checklist. Is your makeup bag looking a little worse for wear? The Beysis clear makeup case not only keeps your items organised and easily accessible but is also made from PVC plastic making it durable for everyday handling.

With these simple steps, you can refresh your makeup bag to prepare it for the new warmer season ahead and be confident you'll look as good as you feel!


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