Personalised Hens Party Gifts

Do you give a gift for a hens party? Of course you do! It’s your main girl’s last hurrah before sealing the deal so gifting her an amazing hen’s party gift is so important! Our range of fun-loving and custom hens party gifts can be used to surprise your hen or bought to create amazing gift bags for your hen’s party guests. When it comes to what you should put in a hens party gift, or gift bag, you can inspiration from our clever and creative customers or delve into your inner artistic self! When selecting your custom gift, make sure her last evening of freedom will be celebrated in a special and memorable way.

The perfect hen’s party should be held at a beautiful venue or someone’s home with games, some delicious beverages and of course, something special to take home as a memoir. Hen’s parties are about having fun with your besties and celebrating the hen’s last night of freedom!


They say what happens at a hen’s party, stays at a hen’s party, but this doesn’t mean your guests can’t take home a wonderful personalised gift or hens party favour to remember the evening that was. Hen’s party favours are a small gift or memento which is usually given to the guests as a thank you, and we have exactly what you need at Beysis.


So, where do you begin when it comes to finding the perfect hen’s party gifts? We’re glad you asked. Hen’s party gifts and party favours are not always easy to find and it’s hard to make them unique and special to the hen. 


After one too many martinis you might need to rehydrate for the big day which is where our personalised insulated water bottles come in handy. Totally luxe with a matte finish, they’re the perfect addition to a hen’s party bag. Add the name or initials of each guest for a special touch the girls will love.


For an environmentally friendly way to present the gift for each guest, our cotton shoppers are perfect. Say ‘no’ to wrapping paper and ‘yes’ to a cute and practical bag that can hold items you choose to put in the hen’s party bags. Not only are they a reusable solution to wrapping paper, 100% of the profits from each tote bag is donated to Project Change International to support women in need. If you’re like us and believe in empowering women and supporting change in the world, hen’s parties are the perfect place to practice what you preach. 


Whether you choose several smaller items to place in hen’s party bags or one larger item to gift as a party favour, we know your guests will be over the moon with their gorgeous new Beysis product. Each product is entirely customisable so not only will you be gifting an amazing product; you’ll be gifting one that’s special and unique to your guests. We thrive on quality in materials and manufacturing so you can rest easy knowing each hen’s party gift will remain a special keepsake for many years after the wedding! Now, what could you get the bride for a wedding gift?