The Perfect Makeup Case for Aeroplane Travel: How to Clear Airport Security in a Breeze

best makeup case to clear airport security

As exciting as it is gearing up for a plane trip, it is no question packing the appropriate amount of carry on liquids is challenging. Finding the perfect cosmetic case that clearly displays your products and easily fits in your hand luggage will make clearing airport security a breeze. The Beysis clear toiletry bags are small enough to satisfy TSA guidelines and store the essentials from travel toiletries, makeup brushes, skincare and chargers. No matter the destination, it is important to keep everything organised and easy to access on your traveling expeditions.


Why You Need a Clear Makeup Case for Aeroplane travel

Everyone loves being prepared, especially when it comes to approaching airport security. Beysis’ multipurpose transparent makeup case provides enough space to store your favourite gels and creams that are easily recognisable. Keeping all your liquid products and aerosols in a clear and compact case will allow for a more seamless and stress free airport check in experience.


How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Case for Your Travelling Needs

To keep your travel kit organised and easily accessible, it’s best to invest in a toiletry bag designed specifically for day to day travel and durable for those trips away. A clear compact vanity case allows you to view your makeup and skincare easily and helps avoid any stray product leaking.

The Beysis transparent makeup bag also has the option to be personalised, meaning everyone in the family can know who’s toiletries are whose (nobody wants to rummage through their brothers stuff, yuck!). For the solo travellers, if you want to be super organised your chargers, toiletries and makeup can all be labeled separately in bags to be an organised queen that everyone aspires to be. 


What to Pack in Your Clear Makeup Case

Before you pack the perfect travel makeup case, it is important to take a look at the types of items that you will need for your trip. Beysis’ clear makeup bag offers enough space to contain all your travel-friendly products in a lightweight and durable compartment. It is a suitable container to store items that require quick and easy access. Be sure to effectively organise your bag, for some tips and tricks click here.

Looking for the perfect makeup case? A sturdy, beautifully designed case that holds a variety of products is worth investing in. For those travelling with a strict budget, the Beysis compact travel case will look great alongside the rest of your travel accessories.


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