A Spotlight on 4 Inspiring Women

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International Women’s Day 2024 is a day for all of us to celebrate the hard work and achievements of women everywhere, whether it’s the women in our lives or the women making waves globally. To celebrate, here at Beysis, we want to shine a spotlight on 4 amazing women who inspire us and how you can hear more from them, because we’re sure they will inspire you too.


1. Jo Horgan 

jo horgan

Jo Horgan is the award-winning founder of the Australian beauty chain Mecca. Jo founded Mecca in 1997 after quitting her job at L’Oréal, with an idea to change the way Australians bought cosmetics. Jo wanted to give customers a more personalised shopping experience and offer a range of international brands, and thank goodness she did because she gave us access to brands we all love and use everyday. She was awarded Australian Entrepreneur of the year in 2018, breaking a 17 year streak of male winners, talk about a girl boss! If you want to hear more about Jo and how she became the successful and influential woman she is today, we found a great episode of the Lady Startup podcast featuring Jo, that we're sure you'll love. 






2. Celeste Barber

celeste barber

Celeste Barber is an Australian actor, writer and comedian, who uses her comedy to bring happiness to her millions of followers around the world. Although Celeste is most well-known for her #celestechallengeaccepted Instagram series in which she recreates the pictures of famous actors, models and influencers, she isn’t afraid to tackle the tough issues either. During the recent Australian bushfires that devastated countless communities and displaced thousands of people, Celeste created a Facebook fundraiser to raise much needed funds for the NSW rural fire service, with the goal of raising $30,000.  Thanks to Celeste’s substantial online following her fundraiser surpassed all expectations and raised over $50 million, with donations pouring in from countries all over the world. Celeste has also been involved in a number of bushfire relief events that have raised tens of thousands of dollars and have included the likes of Chris and Liam Hemsworth. Throughout this crisis Celeste has used her public profile and online following to help people who have lost everything in some of the most devastating bushfires Australia has ever seen. Here at Beysis we can’t help but find Celeste incredibly inspiring (and wildly funny), and we’re sure you will too, so if you want to hear more about the fundraiser from Celeste listen to this podcast or if you want to follow Celeste for more hilarious posts follow her on her Instagram account





3. Turia Pitt

turia pittAnother amazing woman that we admire that overcame incredible odds is Turia Pitt. Turia was trapped in a grassfire while competing in an endurance run and suffered burns to 65% of her body.   After multiple surgeries and 6 months in hospital she was told she would never walk again, but she had other ideas. Turia didn’t let the accident define her and set about achieving her own goals, which included writing books, doing charity work, competing in iron man championships, getting married and having children. She is still working hard every day, even starting her own campaign to help businesses affected by the recent bushfire crisis, she created the @spendwiththem Instagram account to showcase their local products and how to purchase them. The Instagram page now has upwards of 190,000 followers and features products from over 100 local Australian businesses that people can shop directly from, to help businesses and business owners get back on their feet.  This does not begin to cover the scope of this amazing woman’s achievements, so if you want to hear more, Turia talks all about her story on the no filter podcast.






4. Ash Barty 

ash bartyAshleigh Barty is a professional Australian tennis player, who we’re sure you’ve heard of, having made her way to the coveted spot of world number 1 at just 23.  While you probably know the Ash from the tennis court, you might not know about her other work, which included becoming an RSPCA ambassador and donating her prize money to help people and wildlife affected by the bushfire crisis. Tennis Australia also named her the National Indigenous Tennis Ambassador because of her commitment and work within the indigenous community. Her dedication not only to her sport but to helping and inspiring others especially young people makes her a fantastic female role model who we’re more than happy to celebrate this International Women’s Day. If you want to hear more from Ash about her journey as a professional tennis player and how she got to the top of her game, this podcast is perfect for you. You can thank us later. 




We hope that reading about these incredible women has inspired you as much as they inspired us, and that you have a happy International Women's Day 2024 celebrating the achievements of yourself and others.

Don't forget who run the world!



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