The Best Travel Size Makeup Bag: The Ideal Solution for Your Next Trip

best travel makeup case

With travel bans now easing, everyone is excited to start planning their holidays and trips away. Many people are searching for an easy solution to carry their makeup and toiletries in a conveniently sized case. The Beysis clear cosmetic bag is a great solution in keeping your products organised and safe during your travels. A suitable travel size bag must be able to carry aerosols, liquids and skincare to be the ideal option for regular travellers. A transparent makeup case that is easy to open and distinctly recognisable in any carry on bag is a great solution for your next trip away. 

Choosing the perfect makeup cases for your getaways

Clear cosmetic bags are the perfect solution for storing your makeup and toiletries. They are ideally suited to use on the go and travelling across the world or even travelling domestically around Australia. The best travel size cosmetics cases conveniently fit in handbags and carry on luggage so they can be easily accessible while in transit. The perfect makeup case will ideally contain enough room to fit your ‘can’t live without’ skincare and beauty products to last your getaway hassle free. Have too much makeup and skincare? Don’t we all. Not to worry, Beysis clear makeup bags offer free personalisation, meaning you can label each bag accordingly - making sure to not get anything mixed up again.

Benefits of a clear makeup case?

A clear cosmetic case conveniently showcases all your cosmetics and makeup tools. It ensures your products are kept well organised, safe and secure, which is great for travel! A toiletry bag that is easily recognisable and accessible in your hand luggage is ideal for all seasoned travellers. It's the perfect option to breeze through airport security as it is the best size to satisfy TSA guidelines, instead of rummaging through your bag for all the separate liquids. Ditch ziplock bags for a clear case that is more durable to withstand the long travel days.

How to store your makeup in a carry on bag

A suitable size makeup bag will allow you to fit your favourite cosmetics whilst restricting you to not pack too much. It holds the essentials you need to maintain a fresh face and feel good whilst en route. Don’t have makeup? The Beysis clear travel case can store anything and everything from chargers to travel documents and more.

Our clear case is the best solution for everyone's needs. Not sure what to pack for your upcoming summer holiday? Checkout Mecca’s recommendation on summer essentials and getaway must-haves. The cosmetic bag is affordable whilst keeping cosmetics well protected in a practical size and shape, allowing you to carry your makeup in a light, compact case. The perfect on-to-go partner for those upcoming travel plans post lockdown.


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