Personalised Gifts for Teachers, The Real MVPs

personalised gifts for teachers

Teachers have been riding the COVID wave from the beginning and at Beysis we’ve been blown away with their resilience and commitment to the next generation. While we’re over here struggling to remember what day it is, teachers seem to have all their sh*t together. From teaching remotely one day to teaching at school the next, they’ve been the real MVPs throughout the COVID pandemic. So, we thought it was time to recognise their efforts with some awesome personalised teacher gifts. 


Small Gifts For Teachers
ceramic vase

If you’re just looking for a small something to gift a teacher, you simply cannot go wrong with a bottle of good shiraz. Pair it with a block of delicious dark chocolate and you’ll have yourself one content teacher. Flowers are also a small token of appreciation that never go astray. You can even gift them in a Beysis Femme ceramic vase for something extra special. Small gifts for teachers are a great way to show them their hard work is not going unnoticed.





  For The Practical Teacher
personalised atomiser

Teachers are somehow always prepared with everything they need to get them out the door in the morning, home to dinner in the evening. You’ll rarely find a teacher who doesn’t thrive on the word ‘preparation’. For practical teachers who love a little bit of ‘prep’ our refillable perfume atomiser plays is one of the best gifts for teachers. It's the perfectly practical accessory for teachers on the move. Featuring a sleek design and fast, pump action filling system, the Beysis perfume atomiser can also be filled with hand sanitiser. Any teacher will love the practicality of it, and they’ll reduce the risk of any illness in the process. Our travel perfume atomiser is one of the best gifts for teachers to show them their efforts are appreciated.



 For The Sport Teacher
personalised water bottle

The sport department said goodbye to contact sports and hello to socially distant ones and for this, it’s time to consider some small gifts for teachers. Personalised drink bottles for teachers are a great choice for sport teachers who spend their days outdoors and exercising. Our Beysis water bottles have a luxe matte finish with a double-walled, stainless steel design. They keep drinks cold for 24 hours (hello summer) and drinks hot for 12 hours (perfect for those early morning rowing sessions). Our personalised drink bottles are durable and stylish and will keep teachers hydrated throughout their days. They’re an amazing gift to show a teacher you care, particularly after the challenges the pandemic has brought. 



More Unique Teacher Gift Ideas 

There is a wide range of additional personalised teacher gifts online at Beysis. From an AirPods case for the daily commute to a compact mirror for touch-ups during the day, we’ve got teachers covered. Let’s celebrate the real MVPs of the pandemic! 


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