How To Protect and Care for Your AirPods Wireless Headphones: A Simple Guide!

How To Protect and Care for Your AirPods Wireless Headphones: A Simple Guide!

AirPods wireless headphones are a revolution in the world of listening devices. They’re a great investment and convenient accessory that compliment your busy work commutes, gym workouts or intimate work calls. Who doesn’t want to pump the tunes (our personal fave playlist has us dancing all day) or listen to the newest crime podcast on a Monday morning?

Here are some tips on how to protect and care for your AirPods to make sure they last until the next trending earphones are released. 

Cleaning Your AirPods  

Using your AirPods daily will harbour some grime and dirt that attracts unwanted attention towards the sleek, white case. Introducing a suitable cleaning cloth as a new companion to your tech ‘can’t live without’ is key in ensuring a clean and bacteria-free listening experience. 

A dry, non-abrasive wipe to the base will remove grimy fingerprints and leave a fresh, polished surface making them look as good as new. Cleaning your microphone and mesh speaker sections with a dry cotton bud is recommended to rid the build-up of dirt whilst preserving the delicate functioning features. If cleaning isn’t on the to-do list - we don’t blame you! Beysis has designed an AirPods case that protects the white charging port from getting any markings on it, making it one less thing to clean. 

Protecting Your AirPods

Since we were kids we were told to always protect our belongings, especially those that come with a higher price tag. AirPods fragile and pocket-size quality requires constant attention to avoid going walkabout or becoming damaged.

Here are some ways to protect your favourite tech accessory: 

👉🏼 Keeping them away from moisture and water.

👉🏼 Cleaning the interior charging unit delicately with a cotton swab or QT tip to remove the grime collected at the bottom and enable a thorough charge of each pod.

👉🏼 A protective case for your Airpods is really important and by purchasing one of Beysis’ sturdy, stylish AirPods wireless headphones cases you can distinguish your pair from the rest whilst providing a safe barrier when they’re tossed into your bag or shoved into your pocket.

Taking the time and energy to protect and clean your Airpods on a regular basis will ensure a more enjoyable listening experience and its longevity in the long run. 

AirPods is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

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