How to Organise Your Makeup Bag: The Best Way To Store and Contain Your Essentials

how to organise your makeup bag

Between juggling work, exercise, family and an exciting social life it doesn't come as a surprise that cleaning and organisation tends to fall at the bottom of our 'to do' list. Keeping a well kept and orderly makeup bag goes a long way in maintaining a healthy, daily skincare routine and keeping those evening glow up looks on fleek. Using the Beysis makeup case you can fit your favourite essential goods, organise your bag by shape of products and protect delicate items like powders and brushes. Here are some tricks of the trade to ensure your makeup bag remains neat and tidy. 

Organising your Makeup Bag like a pro

First things first, emptying your case and giving each product a decent clean and quality check will categorise your items as either the keepers or the goners. More spring cleaning ideas here. This is a great time to reassess the makeup you are using and the condition in which they're currently in. 

Arranging your makeup by the shape and size of each product will display your essentials more clearly and look much neater and put together. Choosing to use Beysis' clear vanity makeup case will keep your favourite go to products beautifully organised and finding specific items a lot easier. 

Stocking up on multipurpose products to achieve those flawless looks will narrow down your collection of items that you need to carry to work, to a night out or a trip away. Beysis' handy beauty case is perfect for storing all of your essential brushes and tools. Not only will it make it easy to find your favourite products, but a clear compact case will make it easier for you to access your preferred products when you're traveling and on the move. 

Makeup bag
Makeup bag
Makeup bag

Tips and tricks to keep your case looking spick and span.

We share our favourite tricks of the trade when organising and cleaning your makeup bag. 

#1 Set a regular cleaning date
No one likes opening a bag to smudgy fingermarks and leaking liquids. Using a Windex or a soapy cloth to scrub away those finger prints and greasy stains on a weekly basis will make your products look more inviting to use and keep your case looking sparkling clean and fresh.

#2 The smaller the better
I like carrying extra baggage, said no one ever. Beysis' compact size case will restrict you from lugging around all those large foundation bottles and heavy eyeshadow palettes. Lighten the load by finding multi purpose products or taking the tools needed for minor touch ups throughout the day. You're pretty enough as it is, seriously. 

#3 Always be prepared. 
There's nothing worse than smudging your eyeliner or lipstick before a night out and not having the proper solutions for a quick fix. Having some earbuds and cotton pads handy in your makeup bag will have you ready for any clean ups required on the go. 

Makeup Bag  Makeup case  Makeup case

Beauty Essentials

Every beauty routine is unique and everyone's makeup arsenal is so different. Beysis' clear makeup case offers the perfect space and design to store all your essential must haves. 

Tools: Brushes and mini beauty blenders fit perfectly inside the all rounded case.

Face: Contour sticks and concealers are a fabulous edition to your everyday look. Transferring foundations into smaller containers will fit more comfortably and lighten the load on those shoulders. 

Eyes: Choosing smaller eyeshadow palettes will reduce the risk of the powder palates breaking whilst you're on the move. The best compact eyeshadow palette can be found here. Eyeliners and mascaras are, of course, the staple in everyone's evening look. 

Lips: Lipsticks and lip liners are a handy size to keep those luscious lips look all ready to pucker up!

Whether it's work, school, dinners or dates a makeup bag will always be there to deliver your best looks. Whether you're a minimalist, or if you live a very eclectic life, we hope these makeup case insights have served as a handbook to freshen up your makeup bag as you prepare to go from day to night.


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