How to Make the Perfect Personalised Gift in 5 Minutes

personalised gift box

Let’s be honest – giving the perfect gift is an art. And when you’re the queen (or king) of gift-giving, your friends and family expect the best. Thankfully, you found us.

As we’re also queen gifters, we’re sharing our step-by-step guide on how to nail a personalised gift every time.

Step 1 - Pick your product 

We’ve got everyone covered, from men who are impossible-to-buy-for to besties you just want to wow.

Our tip? Go with what you know about them:

● Are they a guy? (starting with the most challenging): Go for a
   water bottle or Phone case.

● Do they work out? Personalise a 1L water bottle or AirPod case!

● Fashionista? She’ll need to match her nails to her outfits, so go with a 
   personalised nail polish.

● A music junkie? AirPods case it is.

● Makeup enthusiast? A compact mirror or makeup case.

● A traveller? Check out the makeup travel case, perfume atomiser, or an
   AirPods case…. 

● Is it your mum? One of everything. She deserves it.

Step 2 – Add a pop of colour

You know them, and we’ve got all the colours you’ll need. Pick a personal hue that reflects who they are or what they wear.

Not sure? You can never go wrong with the basics. Gunmetal, navy, and black are our go-to’s that are always sure to be a hit.

personalised gifts


Step 3 – Get personal

Do you have a personal joke, a meaningful message, or a cute comment to say? Add it in.

Don’t stress if you’re only witty in your head – everyone just wants to see their name in flashing lights. You can add their name, nickname, or initials. Phew, simple!

Personalised Tech Accessories Personalised Water Bottle Personalised Nail Polish


Step 4 – Did someone say flair?

Get ready to shine, this is your time.

Mix up your fonts, sizes and orientation and make their gift perfectly unique. Our tips:

● For classic, modern & clean, you’ll want Bold, Italics or Sans Serif.

● For something fun, College or Outline would be our choice.

● For the heartfelt, personal touch; Handwriting & Bold Cursive will feel like you wrote it yourself!

If it wasn’t personal enough, you can add a handwritten gift note at checkout.

Can we just say, you nailed it 👑


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