The Ceramic Vase Making Change In The World

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Beysis is female owned and operated, and we’re proud of it. From the beginning, we knew we had the ability to make something big of Beysis together, while helping other females along the way. And here we are. Empowering women doesn’t stop at Beysis though. We’re totally committed to making a difference in the lives of other women which is why we’ve recently launched our Femme ceramic vase. This beautiful terracotta vase meets ceramic flower vase is the ultimate piece of home décor which does more than just look pretty in your home. With every Femme ceramic vase that’s sold, we’ll donate $1 to Project Change International. So, while its showstopping in your bedroom or loungeroom (flowers or no flowers), it’s also a vase making a difference in the world. 


Booty-ful Bum Vases That Empower Females

Our Femme Ceramic Vase is a limited-edition item influenced by the goddesses of ancient Greece. It has been lovingly designed to celebrate the beauty and power of the female form! Made from high-quality ceramic and quartz-based glaze, we like to fill it with fresh florals or leave it empty and let the booty do the talking. Available in terracotta, fawn and nude it’s one of our favourite unique gifts yet! Holding up to 350mL, the ceramic vase is large and quite literally a piece of art. We know that any green leafy arrangement will complement the natural pink tones of the quartz-based glaze and terracotta clay perfectly. We also know that it’s not a small ceramic vase but a conversation starter (“Yes, that is a bum in my loungeroom”).

ceramic vase

Pair Your Femme Ceramic Vase With These Personalised Gifts For Her

If you’ve decided to gift the Femme ceramic vase to your Mum, sister or friend, there are so many personalised gifts you can pop alongside it. And just like our perfume atomiser, they smell amaze. 

Our cotton shopper is also another fab option and an eco-friendly alternative to reusable produce bags. It’s 100% cotton, friendly on the earth and a great option for taking to the beach or farmers’ markets. It has an 8kg capacity so it’s ideal for all your pumpkins and watermelons. With all its space, its also easy to throw in a beach towel and hat en route to the coast. The two extra-long handles make it comfy on your shoulders and easy to grab and go no matter where you’re headed. The best part? 100% of the profits from each sale of the cotton shopper is donated to Project Change International. Together, our cotton shopper and Femme ceramic vase help empower women around the world to do amazing things.


How To Get Your Hands On A Femme Ceramic Vase

Our Femme ceramic vase is a limited-edition item and one of a kind. They are exclusively available online on the Beysis website and we have purposefully limited the number of vases available. This means that when you buy yours, you won’t find it anywhere else and it will become an item you treasure forever.


femme vase

Empowering The Next Generation Of Beysis Women

Project Change International are actively making change in the world and we’re proud to donate $1 from every Femme Ceramic Vase to help them along the way. It is an incredible organisation founded to empower disadvantaged girls, many of whom have survived or are enduring significant trauma. Project Change International helps provide education and learning supplies that assists in their journey to reaching university. The aim is to end educational disadvantage, promote access healthcare and help girls pursue meaningful employment. We chose to partner with Project Change International because they share values close to the heart of everyone at Beysis. We’re working hard (fuelled by #girlpower) to empower women to lead. To read more about our partnership with Project Change International click here.


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