Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Minimalists In 2024

Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Minimalists In 2024

What to get the minimalists in your life? With sustainability and longevity a growing focus for many of us it’s hard to know what to pick when gifting for Christmas. Maybe they’re trying to Marie Kondo their life, or maybe they just want to be more sustainable. Less is definitely more, so we’ve rounded up a list of more thoughtful Christmas gifts that the minimalist in your life might actually enjoy.

What makes a good minimalist gift?
The key is that they’re usable and add value to their life. In terms of physical gifts it should be something they actually need. Consumable gifts like food, candles, wine or service subscriptions. Experiences can be great gifts like activities, a getaway, outings or items that can add to these eg. camping equipment if they love camping.

Take them out
Drinks, dinner or a quaint little picnic. If you really can’t think of anything, taking them out for a good catch up might be your best bet. A picnic would be a low fuss way to repurpose any festive season leftovers. DIY some cocktails to kick it up a notch - you might want an insulated water bottle to keep your pre-mixed drinks cool or some reusable glass straws to add to your arsenal.

Let them choose an experience
A great gift if they value experiences over things - Class Bento offers creative workshops and kits by local businesses all over Australia. There’s everything from pottery to pasta making. Learn how to garden or make your own perfume. This is an excellent last minute gift idea since you can grab a voucher and let them choose. Who knows, it might light a creative spark that turns into their new hobby?

Personalised Coffee Tumbler
Perfect for a coffee, tea or a matcha lover. If you’re always grabbing coffee together this might be the gift for them. Choose their favourite colour, add their name or monogram and you’ve made them something practical and eco-friendly that they can hold onto and reuse for years and years. This sleek cup is made of soft touch material with durable stainless steel inside to make it easy to care for. If water is more their jam we have personalisable water bottles in 500mL and 1L that might be better suited.

Plant delivery is the new flower delivery
Calling all plant mums and dads! Score that plant they’ve been lusting after. Cheeky Plant Co. are a small business delivering plants, pots and plant care essentials all over Australia. Choosing is easy as they group plants into categories like beginner friendly, pet friendly, low light plants and hanging and climbing varieties - so you don’t have to be an expert to make the right choice. All the instagram plant faves are here like monstera, peperomia, pilea (Chinese money plant), trusty succulents and climbing devil’s ivy. Cheeky Plant Co. deliver potted plants all over Australia - helpful for friends and family you won’t get to see in person who love a bit of greenery and they’ll last much longer than a bunch of flowers.

Foodie things fit for gifting 
For the foodies there’s some fancy condiments, good chocolate, nice olive oil, chippies, teas and even chilli oil at Eastern Hill General Supplies. A mix of local businesses and international yummies. Whether the person you’re shopping for loves to cook or just enjoys a solid snack, there’s a wide variety to cater for everyone from your best friend to your dad.  

eGift card

Still not sure what to give? Let them decide. Our e-Gift Cards make gifting pain-free and widely useful. A perfect option for that picky person in your life. This way they can then personalise their very own product!


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