The Ultimate Me-Time Routine

The Ultimate Me-Time Routine

There's no better time than now to relax and recharge. We’re all currently in a confusing and stressful time but we urge you to take some well earned ‘me time’. Let’s be honest, you totally deserve it and we're here to help you take self-care to the next level (without leaving the house)!

Here is a curated list of six pamper priorities you need for the ultimate self-care session:  


1. Wash your hands! 


2. Before the indulging starts, run a bath and set your phone on silent.


3. Light your favourite candle.

A Beysis Rose de Mai, Wild Bergamont or Burnt Vanilla scented candle will make you feel all the feels. There is a calming aroma for every household. Light the soy candle and let it ignite your mind, body and soul. With a burn time of 40 hours, there is an abundance of self-care moments waiting. The custom message on the candle makes this time extra special (and extra zen). 



4. Glowy Skin, Duh!


Grab your fav face mask and in 10 minutes you’ll be feeling transformed.  We’re currently obsessed with the mood mask range from Patchology. The ‘Just Let It Glow Sheet Mask’ will restore your glow because it’s now your time to shine! Or, if you’re obsessed with watermelon (like we are), the Glow Recipe has a Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. It will not only make you feel sweet but it creates bouncy perfect skin overnight! Who doesn’t want that?


5. Meditate!

If you don’t already, now might be the time to start a meditation practice. We are all feeling a little lost and it can help you control your thoughts and feel more connected. Take a moment to turn off the noise and ease your anxiety about the global situation. We’re currently using the apps Calm and Headspace to de-stress. 

Not into meditation? That’s cool, Hop into that bubble bath and press play on your current Netflix fav. We’re currently recommending Love is Blind with a side of rose and popcorn (in case you were wondering).


6. Buff & polish.


When your nails are polished, it looks like you have your life together (well sort of)! Read this season's nail trends here for some inspo. We have a range of colours for every lazy and comfy house outfit. Our nail polish is not only one-of-a-kind with your customisation but it is also free of nasties and BS-free, which is pretty extraordinary (if we do say so ourselves)!



Take (self) care of yourself. 

Pick a pamper product, personalise it, pour a glass of rose and embrace self-care, because who said working from home had to be dull. 


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